12 December 2009

The Leveler.

I am a tombstone in the mud
a nameless memory
carved into the ever fading background of your thoughts
a faceless reminder
that what once was, will never be again.

this is what they told me was the leveler
that this, the end
this death was my freedom
this earth my solitude, my rest, my peace
that in the darkness I will find comfort.
Comfort? Amongst worms?

I'm pushing up daisies
a sign of beauty
slowly growing into a field to lay your head
a hope for the restless
that what was dreamed, will be seen again

this is what I say is the leveler
the great equalizer
this love is my freedom
this life my joy, my rest, my peace
that in Your light I will find comfort.
Comfort! Amongst angels.

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